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Our client, FrankHR, approached us with a unique concept—a platform to revolutionize Human Resources operations for small to medium-sized businesses. FrankHR aimed to offer an online hub where businesses could streamline HR processes, access customized documents, receive exclusive updates, and engage with a community of HR professionals.

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Client Overview

FrankHR caters to small to medium-sized businesses seeking to simplify HR processes. The platform provides essential HR tools, document drafting and storage, and consultation services, making HR operations more efficient and accessible.



FrankHR faced several challenges as they ventured into the software business:

  • Create a Website and Develop Business Strategy:

    • Develop an appealing website accessible to businesses of all types.

    • Refine the marketing and business strategy to resonate with the target audience.

  • Create and Develop Branding:

    • Craft a unique brand identity, including a logo, brand character and brand guidelines.

  • Create the Online Platform:

    • Develop an online platform with a user-friendly interface for seamless user interaction.

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Strategy Development

We developed a comprehensive strategy encompassing branding, marketing, and website development. Key elements included:

  • Target Audience Refinement:

    • Defined the target audience as small to medium-sized businesses without dedicated HR departments.

  • Branding Strategy:

    • Crafted a unique brand identity reflecting simplicity, efficiency, and professionalism.



Our team executed the strategies using various tools and platforms:

  • Website Development:

    • Utilized Wix for website development, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

    • Integrated CRM tools for effective user engagement and communication.

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Branding Success

  • Designed a modern and professional logo representing simplicity and efficiency.

  • Established a cohesive colour scheme and brand assets for consistent visual appeal.

  • Created a brand character that aligned with the company persona.


Website Development

  • User-Friendly Design:

    • Ensured a seamless and welcoming sign-up process for users.

    • Developed a user-friendly backend portal as the central hub for user interaction.

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